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Things you are doing wrong on your Android phone

10 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device

These are simple things that you might be doing wrong with your android devices that will affect the working of your phone. 

Killing apps manually or using task killer: Android is a very capable platform when it comes to multitasking. Android lets users use multiple apps at the same time and you can switch between apps without having to start over with a task. However, most people take to clear app cards from the multitasking interface a bit to speed up the device. Well, that’s not how it works. In fact, it does the opposite, android is a very good and managing app. So when you have tons of apps opening in the background and there’s a shortage of ram. Android automatically closes an app that you might not use for a long time. On the other hand when you kill the app manually or use a task killer app. The app is slow to open when you launch it again plus it uses additional resources making your phone slow and draining your battery. So, don’t use task killer apps, swipe the cards manually to protect your phone. 

Do You Really Need Taskkiller App

Using Anti-virus Apps: Chances are that this question has crossed your mind, Do antivirus apps actually do anything on the android app? Honestly, they are not necessary. Google brings great protection to android on the device level as well as on the cloud. Google play services on android feature various security services just making sure that android users are safe from potentially harmful applications and risks. Infact various developers know the risks are low as thus bring additional features in the app to make sure that they can market the app. For instance, the Norton Antivirus app brings anti theft, backup, and call blocking features along with virus protection. So as long as you download the app from the place store, you don’t need to worry about security.


Not Checking App Permissions: App permission can be nefarious, to say the least. There are several apps that take unnecessary permission. Some permission does make sense but there are various dangerous permissions like telephone, messages, photos, etc that should be very off. While there is a various miscellaneous app that takes up unnecessary permission. Even the popular app does the same for instance, the highly popular UC Browser takes the phone permission. Now, why would a browser need telephone permission? This is permission that even chrome doesn’t require. While UC Browser says that it needs it to check the screen resolution, it’s not really true. Because apps don’t need any user data to give a screen resolution. Also when you check the permission UC Browser is accessing data like IMI and IMSI number. Which increases the privacy risks for you. 

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Using Cache Clearing Apps: Android lets you manually cache apps and if you are using an app to free up storage. It does this by clearing the cache of the apps. Again this is not good. The cache of the apps features the most regularly used data to make sure it loads faster and already has some content to show when you open it up. For instance, when you open Facebook, the app already has the profile picture of various profiles and the content loaded in the past saved as cache. However when you clear the cache of the app all the saved data is gone and the app opens up as fresh which means that all the operations in-app will start from scratch which will make the app slow to load while also taking up more resources and thus draining the battery faster. However, if you do want to free up the storage you can head to settings and go to storage and you can find all the space cached data is taking up. Here you can clear all the cached data just by tape.

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